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This assumes your driving in from Interstate 95.  The start point is I-20 and I-95.  Just adapt this to your route.

This is the route that I have found to be the least stressful and actually quickest during the summer traffic.  It avoids Florence and Conway. 

The stretch from Conway to Myrtle Beach can be a nightmare on Saturdays with tourist and a huge amount of locals using this stretch of highway.  It is the shortest and most GPS systems will want you to go this way but I don't recommend it.

Once you get on Veterans Highway out of Aynor SC you will have only a couple of stop lights getting to the condo.  Also if traffic is backed up getting into Aynor you can take hwy 319 around Aynor and it intersects with Veterans Highway.

Ignore your GPS.  For some reason the GPS systems use an awful route to the beach.  

You can double click on the map to make it interactive.  


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