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Guest Book


Thank you very much for the use of your Penthouse.  The view is stunning!  The rooms are decorated beautifully and made for a very enjoyable stay.  Thanks.”

Dwanye & Karen H.; Holland M
Ontario Canada 2007

Spring Break – Family Vacation “Thank you for letting us stay here in your home.  We love going to the beach.  We all had a great time.”

Jess & Rose B; Donna & Eric H. and Dad
Michigan, April 2007

 “This was our first time to Myrtle Beach and staying in your beautiful Penthouse made it very memorable.  Thanks for having us.” 

Wallace, Anna, Heather & Brian W.; Scott P & Alex I.
Fredonia, NY
April 7-13, 2007, Spring Break

 “We’ve been looking forward to this for over 1 year and it still far exceeded our expectations.  The marble and tile work in the master bedroom is fantastic.  Thanks for providing such a beautiful place.  We look forward to many return vacations here.” 

Josh, Anna, Nathan & Nicholas S.
April 25, 2007

 “I am writing this on the 5th day of vacation so of course I have no idea what the date is.  I first learned of this suite by calling the Palms Resort listed in the Play and Stay book.  Finding a 4 bedroom/4 bath is next to impossible.  After viewing this particular suite online, I knew I found exactly what we were looking for.  Unfortunately after waiting too long to book it, it was already taken so I had to book PH1, which I was told had the exact same floor plan but had not been updated like PH2.   Boy was that an understatement.  After arriving and heading to the front desk with a long list of complaints and broken appliances, lamps etc., we were met with a surprise response that PH2 would be available in one more day.  So we gladly changed rooms the next day.  What a difference.  Of course I knew some of what it looked like from seeing it online, but it really did “make” our vacation.  That master room upstairs is gorgeous and the kitchen is state of the art.  With 10 people, 7 adults and 3 kids ranging in age 2-76, we couldn’t be more comfortable.  Too bad PH1 isn’t yours too.  Thank you for making place better than home!  As I’m sitting here on the balcony, I’ve noticed the lifeguard has just put up the last umbrella.  Time to hit the beach.”

The Realls WV, The Smyths MD, The Hardezers MD, The Willises MD
June 2007

 “Thank you so much for the use of your PH.  We so enjoyed your great view and facilities.” 
Nancy V.
March 17, 2007

 “Thank you for the use of your beautiful Penthouse.  You have done an amazing job on the master suite.  My daughter and her friends just graduated from high school and trip is for them.  Look forward to returning in the future.  We visit Myrtle Beach several times a year.  Wendy at the front desk is a wonderful person as well.  p.s.  I bought and left a hand mixer.  It is the only thing you were missing.”

P.S. I bought and left a hand mixer.  It is the only thing you were missing. 

Kris, Riley, Heather, Steven, Amie, Jessica, Keith
Akron, Ohio
June 2-11, 2007

 “Our family has been looking forward to coming to MB for 12 years (we came at that time to celebrate my aunts 50th anniversary) but could only stay the weekend and made a promise to return when we could stay at least a week.  We stayed in the other palms building then.  Our family is now bigger since our kids are now married and with families.  This PH fit our family’s need very well!  We all fell in love with this place.  Definitely will be returning!!  Thank you for sharing!”  

Keith & Linda H. IL;  Bret, Stephanie & Dustin IL;  Ashley & Jason H. IL; Aubrite H & Mike R. IL
June 16-23, 2007

 “Thank you for making our stay here @ the Palms Resort a memorable one.  The room was great & the staff was incredible.  We look forward to coming back & visiting again.  Your penthouse is beautiful & thanks again for letting us use it.” 

Frankie, Chrystal, Cathy, Tammy, Tommy, Amber, Taylor, Brenda, Tyler, Derick, Heather, Jason, Paul, & Kesha
The Wild Bunch from WV
June 30-July 7, 2007

 “Our family has been blessed to come to Myrtle Beach for the past 3 years – Thanks to Pawpaw!  We love the new décor, it suits the place!  We enjoy staying all together as a family, so thanks for the large penthouse.  We hope to see you again next year!” 

 Danny, Lillie, Darren, Danita, Brandon, Tara, Brooke, Brett, Jeff & Shannon.
The Kentucky Crew
July 21-28, 2007 

 “What a wonderful vacation, the penthouse is very nice and we look forward to returning next year.  The weather was great, only one rainy day!  I think of nothing better   than the view ad sound of the ocean to go to sleep and wake up with.  Thanks again.”   

Keith & Margaret C; Courtney, Kevin, Stevan & Daniel
Manassas, VA
August 25-September 1, 2007

This stay was truly beautiful.  We had a great time.  We look forward to returning for a longer vacation.”

David & Lisa N.
September 2, 2007

 “Just a note to say that our stay here in penthouse #2 was great!  Now we can compare the two.  I think that I like #2 better!!  We are from central SC and needed a break.  We always have trouble finding something that compares with our house.  9 bed and 5 baths.  We have 6 children still in the home of 10 total.  PH#2 had plenty of room and we loved the master bedroom and bath!!”

 The Resses and Hagoods
September 7, 2007. 

 (We would have loved to stay longer but have two 4-legged babies at home who we miss more than anything!).  Thank you for sharing your home with us!  It is our last day of vacation and we’ve enjoyed every day of it!  I can’t begin to tell you how beautiful the place is nor can I decide which is more beautiful.  The view that you see while you’re showering or the view you see while you’re cooking!  WOW!!!  We all fell in love with the master suite and bath!  Too bad because my sweetheart and I didn’t share it with anyone!  Although from time to time we let them sit with us on the balcony!  Luckily for us the rest of your hoe is so beautiful and comfortable they never put up a fight when we kicked them out!  So thanks again for making our vacation one to remember.”

 Alisha, Kesha, Kriston, Chrissy & Joseph
April 12-17, 2007

October 15, 2007.  Sun, fun and family, what could be better?  My friends brought me here to your wonderful PH to help them celebrate their birthdays the master bed and bathroom ROCKS!  We couldn’t get her daughter out of the jetted master bathtub.  She has very sensitive skin and is unable to get into the outside hot tub so the master bath was perfect.  Thanks for sharing your home it was a very relaxing time.  We now have SO many wonderful memories of our vacation and that is PRICELESS!!  The penthouse has an elegant but down to earth feel.  We were all right at home the second we walked through the door.  Again, thanks so much for opening up your home to us.” 

 Crystal A.
Fairmont NC’s Finest
October 12-17, 2007

 “We would have liked to stay longer but they said you were coming and we have to leave.  However, we enjoyed the stay that we had here so much we felt we certainly had no need to grieve.  We came to relax, get away from stressful tension and that relaxation we truly did enjoy and receive.  Would we like to return again someday to enjoy this hospitality?  Certainly and that you can believe!”

 Howard & Barbara









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