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Okay this is an area where I am way behind.  I have roughly 30 wonderful comments left from past guest over the last two years of which I am very proud of and extremely grateful.  I hope to have these loaded in the next month or so.  For those who have signed our guest book in the past, THANK YOU, it means a lot to Tina and I.

Kevin - Feb 2014

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Dec 21, 2011
Via Email
Hi Kevin,  We had a wonderful time in Myrtle Beach and everyone absolutely raved about the condo.   It is fabulous!   Beautifully decorated and perfectly located!  Thank you for opening your home to strangers and allowing us to experience the pleasure!  Merry Christmas to you and yours!
Oct 11, 2011
Via Email
Hi Kevin.  I've been meaning to email you since we got back from the beach, but once we reentered the 'real world', all the "too much to do" started back up.  I wanted to thank you again for renting to us and allowing us to share your absolutely beautiful penthouse.  I've stayed in some nice hotels, etc., but yours is by far the best of the best.  Something I really enjoyed was the ocean view from the shower and for that matter, the ocean view from just about everywhere in the penthouse!  You guys have fantastic decorating tastes.  It was beachy, but in an elegant way.  I would love to know where you got the parrot pictures in the master bedroom.  I love them!  Also, the staff at the Palms was so nice and went out of their way to offer their assistance if we needed anything.  I was wondering if you would like for me to post your web link on my FB page.  It's totally up to you.  I have told several people at work about it.  Wish we were still there, can't wait to go back and keep me on your emailing list.  I am spoiled now and don't think that I can stay anywhere else!  Thanks again, Debbie M.
090611.jpg (111138 bytes)
Sep 06, 2011

Kevin, Thank you so much for keeping such an amazing condo, and for sharing it with the rest of us. We were six guys on a golfing trip/bachelor party, and your place was exactly what we need to come home and wind down before hitting the town. We’re leaving wanting to make it a yearly golf trip, so you'll be hearing from us!

The only recommendation is that you start working on a slide from the second floor balcony down to the first.  This place needs nothing else.  Thanks again!. 

090211.jpg (99912 bytes)
Sep 02, 2011
It was gorgeous & awesome.  Love the master bedroom!!!!   Everyone with us had an amazing time.  Especially being oceanfront.
2011 4.jpg (93160 bytes)
Aug 2011
We all had an amazing time and thanks to you and your gorgeous penthouse.  We had to cut our trip a little short due to weather, but everything was perfect.  Falling asleep to the sound of the waves and waking up to the beautiful sun our windows was truly bliss.  Thank you again for everything!
082011.jpg (115764 bytes)
Aug 20, 2011
Kevin, Thanks for sharing with our family your lovely home.  Our children and grandchildren had a great time.  My wife and I were able to celebrate our 31st anniversary.  Our son and his wife, their fifth.  Our grandchildren love all the space to move and run around. It was great walking up and down out on the beach seeing our great God's creation.  This provided us a perfect setting for the reading of the Bible and meditation.  We can come to this area once a year and we will consider the home idea.  Thanks again for the hospitality
080611.jpg (139301 bytes)
Aug 06, 2011
What a great week it was!  The weather was perfect… as long as your definition of perfect is average of 95 - 100° with a load of son all week.   No problem with this great condo just in front of the ocean.  The perfect spot for our two families of four adults and five children.  It was amazing how we could reproduce our typical vacation week in Myrtle Beach the way we did it in Canada where we co own a cottage in front of a great lake.  We ate too much we had a little too much wine! Went to bed a little too late got awake a little too early to have coffee on the balcony watching dolphins go by.  What are vacations for? This week will have been remembered by all of us in a unique way, thanks to you.
073111.jpg (121825 bytes)
Aug 5, 2011
Kevin thank you so much for everything!!  We all had a wonderful time.  The view was amazing!!   Our kids had a blast running up & down the steps, the huge bathtub & the six balconies.  We will return again.  Again thanks for everything.  
2011.jpg (116129 bytes)
Summer 2011
I love this penthouse.  I had the best time!  It was the best time I've ever had!  Not normally you have a view of the ocean from every room. I have been to Jamaica and I would prefer to go here.  Thank you so much!
071611.jpg (131612 bytes)
Jul 16, 2011
This is our first trip back to USA in nine years!  What a great time - Great view - great company!  The ocean breezes kept us comfortable & this apartment was plenty big enough for 9 to 10 people.  Our American cousins introduce us to get Jet Skiing, parasailing, & snow crabs.

Thank you so much for rating this lovely place to us.  We'll never forget our first trip to Myrtle Beach.   Portsmouth England.

062811.jpg (122023 bytes)
Jun 28, 2011
Not often does a family from the Midwest get to sit in their living room and see the ocean from as far as one can see!!  What a pleasure to visit your home.  The sounds of the ways & the nighttime breeze, and the sunny weather.  We won't soon forget!! From the Stantons and the Gliddens we thank you.  Hopefully we can come back.  We'd love too.  Thanks!
061811.jpg (120058 bytes)
Jun 18, 2011
Dear Kevin, Thanks again for an amazing beach vacation for our family.  Everything was picture perfect.  The view, the penthouse and the decor.  We all had a great time.  I can honestly say that everyone of us said "I wish we could stay here forever" at least a couple times during the stay.  Cheers.
060411.jpg (130192 bytes)
Jun 04, 2011
Kevin and Tina.  Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful penthouse with us.  The week was so relaxing and warm.  You have done a great job with the remodeling it is so beautiful.  Everything was as you advertised as to what was within walking distance.  We have had a very wet & cold spring so this weather here was a great change.  We hope to come back here again soon.  I would definitely let everyone know how great this place was.  Thank you again for a great week with the family.
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May 12, 2011
Had a fabulous time in Myrtle Beach and thoroughly enjoyed our stay in your beautiful PH2!  The view is spectacular.  Our overall favoriate hotspot was Bummz and their grouper fingers!  They also had the beach bag corn hole game which was a hit.  Recommend Marvin's and the liquid "Apple Pie" shooter.  A great dessert.

The penthouse was so wonderful and I personally love the hotel style blow dryers in the bathroom.  Listening to the ocean while falling asleep and waking up so soothing.  We had a great week and would love to stay here again.

050111.jpg (128632 bytes)
May 01, 2011
We have loved our long weekend here! It is the best view in Myrtle Beach!  Weather was awesome and we had several family members with us, so a mini reunion.  Thanks for Dining suggestions - Dirty Don's Oyster Bar was the winner.  Maybe Pier 14 tonight.  Met some new friends in Penthouse next door.  Invited them over for drink.  They were blown away by how much better our place looked thank theirs!!  And Kevin, thanks again for making this happen!
jan 2011.jpg (112483 bytes)
Jan 2011
Beautiful place!  We so enjoyed our stay here and felt very at home.  The staff at the Palms were very courteous and helpful as well.  Thank you for sharing your wonderful place.  We will surely come back as soon as we can!
dec 2010.jpg (98542 bytes)
Dec 2010
This is the fifth or six year we have common enjoyed your amazing condo and a spectacular views.  Thanks for sharing your home with us, we always look forward to coming here are each year with our family.
112010.jpg (112516 bytes)
Nov 20, 2010
Thank you for letting us stay at the P.H. #2.  We had a wonderful week - The weather was great as what the beach and the golf.  Hopefully we will be back soon and look forward to vacation again in Myrtle Beach.  the condo was great.  From the facilities to the views.  Thanks again.
2010.jpg (100785 bytes)
Fall 2010
Thanks for the use of your penthouse.  As always it was beautiful.  Shorter stay this year due to it a death in the family, but enjoyed the few days we had.  Hope to stay again next year
091110.jpg (125518 bytes)
Sep 11, 2010
We had a wonderful time staying in PH #2. I was here for my birthday weekend with some family and friends and we all enjoyed our stay.  I stayed in penthouses before but yours has by far been the best.  You're setting is beautiful and it was very comfortable environment.   I love the beach and come down regular.  It's my home away from home and your penthouse truly made me feel in a home setting.   I had a great birthday and my family are already making plans to return.
090510.jpg (105605 bytes)
Sep 5, 2010
You have a very special and unique place here in PH #2.  Our family had a great time and my parents enjoy the views and the sunrises.  We love Myrtle Beach and look forward to coming back.
080710.jpg (117663 bytes)
Aug 07, 2010
We had an incredible week.  What a beautiful place & view.  We love our time here - so much to do, so many great restaurants, so many great memories!!
080710.jpg (117663 bytes)
Aug 07, 2010
We had the greatest time.  Thank you.  Beautiful view, convenient location, couldn't have been better.
061210.jpg (105200 bytes)
Jun 12, 2010
We had an awesome family vacation staying in PH2.  The penthouses is like staying with a family friend rather than feeling like you're in a hotel.   I'm sure we will be back.
052410.jpg (103698 bytes)
May 24, 2010
Thank you for letting us stay at your home for great extended weekend the views were great the location was perfect and it really helped us all enjoy our time here an awesome way to leave single lot right behind and get married best wishes
043010.jpg (128162 bytes)
Apr 30, 2010
Wow!  What a wonderful vacation!  My family and I have thoroughly enjoyed staying in your home this year.  With my family's hectic work schedule, we could never find the time to take a break together.  My daughter and husband has stayed here was before and said it was top-notch.  She was so right!  Your home is so warming and beautiful and I felt like home away from home.  Kudos to Myrtle Beach and PH2.  We are so refreshed!  See you next year!
041010.jpg (116571 bytes)
Apr 10, 2010
Our family thoroughly enjoyed our stay!  The penthouse give us plenty of room so everyone had a place to relax.  Plus the wonderful views and common areas to spend time together and plot our next adventure.  :-)  We played in all the pools, the ocean, visited the children's museum (which is great for kids as ours didn't want to leave!),  Ripley's aquarium.  The family Kingdom fun park, and lots of shopping!  Thanks for the great amenities that really helped to make our vacation special!


033110.jpg (111117 bytes)
Mar 31, 2010
We have just been another wonderful month in the Myrtle Beach and in your  beach house served us well especially when the grandchildren came. We love the view from here.  As I write this the full moon is shining over the water. How lovely!  We have also enjoyed many sunrises this month. Thanks for sharing your home
022810.jpg (106835 bytes)
Feb 28, 2010
We were here for the weekend to celebrate a birthday.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!  Your home away from home is gorgeous!  The baskets are beautiful the wall colors look great.  Thanks for sharing with the sisters!
021410.jpg (118448 bytes)
Feb 14, 2010
Happy Valentine's Day.  Thank you for the use of your lovely apartment.  We have enjoyed our stay.  Some of our plans were changed due to the weather conditions but staying here helped a lot.  During our stay some of our family members were deployed to Iraq for military duty, but they were always in our thoughts and prayers as we hope that our servicemen and women are in your prayers. Thank you!
120609.jpg (105370 bytes)
Dec 06, 2009
Once again thank you so much for allowing us to stay in your beautiful penthouse!  It turned out to be a beautiful time.... especially to do our annual Christmas shopping!  We love it here and hope to come back again next year!  Thanks,
091709.jpg (120288 bytes)
Sep 17, 2009
Kevin and family,  We've have had a wonderful time.  Thank you for creating a beautiful and welcoming home away from home.  Can't wait to come back.
091709.jpg (120288 bytes)
Sep 14, 2009
We really enjoyed your beautiful penthouse.  You have done a great job with the renovations.  We look forward to staying here again.  Thank you. Your master suite is amazing.
081509.jpg (129374 bytes)
Aug 15, 2009
Kevin,  Thanks so much for the use of your beautiful penthouse.  The view was absolutely amazing.  We have been to Myrtle Beach five years now and this is the first time we have been able to sit on our balcony and watch the dolphins jump through the air.  Incredible!  The accommodations were great and we are not looking forward to leaving in the morning.  Thanks for allowing us to create a week's worth of memories and will hopefully be back next year!  Thanks again!
071809.jpg (123583 bytes)
Jul 18, 2009
The accommodations of this great PH condo were to die for; The view is spectacular and the location is great.  Our mother enjoyed relaxing on the balcony in front of her bedroom.  The kids enjoyed the beach, the pools, and the Ocean view.  We all needed this vacation.  Thanks for  providing such a relaxing atmosphere.  We look forward to our next vacation.  Oh yes, the staff was great.  We truly felt we were home away from home.


061107.jpg (130402 bytes)

 “Thank you for the use of your beautiful Penthouse.  You have done an amazing job on the master suite.  My daughter and her friends just graduated from high school and trip is for them.  Look forward to returning in the future.  We visit Myrtle Beach several times a year.  Wendy at the front desk is a wonderful person as well.  p.s.  I bought and left a hand mixer.  It is the only thing you were missing.”

P.S. I bought and left a hand mixer.  It is the only thing you were missing.


We just got home from our vacation in your penthouse.  We had a wonderful time.  It is beautiful.  The master bedroom and bathroom are fantastic.  The view is tremendous.  We had rain the first couple of days but even that view was stunning.  We have some great pictures, walked the beach every day, use the pool and hot tub, but mostly enjoyed the view and the penthouse.  Thank you so much.

Kenneth Wenzel
Nov 2009



“Thank you very much for the use of your Penthouse.  The view is stunning!  The rooms are decorated beautifully and made for a very enjoyable stay.  Thanks.”

Dwanye & Karen H.; Holland M.

Ontario Canada 2007


Spring Break – Family Vacation “Thank you for letting us stay here in your home.  We love going to the beach.  We all had a great time.”

Jess & Rose B; Donna & Eric H. and Dad

Michigan, April 2007


 “This was our first time to Myrtle Beach and staying in your beautiful Penthouse made it very memorable.  Thanks for having us.” 

Wallace, Anna, Heather & Brian W.; Scott P & Alex I.

Fredonia, NY

April 7-13, 2007, Spring Break


 “We’ve been looking forward to this for over 1 year and it still far exceeded our expectations.  The marble and tile work in the master bedroom is fantastic.  Thanks for providing such a beautiful place.  We look forward to many return vacations here.” 

Josh, Anna, Nathan & Nicholas S.

April 25, 2007


 “I am writing this on the 5th day of vacation so of course I have no idea what the date is.  I first learned of this suite by calling the Palms Resort listed in the Play and Stay book.  Finding a 4 bedroom/4 bath is next to impossible.  After viewing this particular suite online, I knew I found exactly what we were looking for.  Unfortunately after waiting too long to book it, it was already taken so I had to book PH1, which I was told had the exact same floor plan but had not been updated like PH2.   Boy was that an understatement.  After arriving and heading to the front desk with a long list of complaints and broken appliances, lamps etc., we were met with a surprise response that PH2 would be available in one more day.  So we gladly changed rooms the next day.  What a difference.  Of course I knew some of what it looked like from seeing it online, but it really did “make” our vacation.  That master room upstairs is gorgeous and the kitchen is state of the art.  With 10 people, 7 adults and 3 kids ranging in age 2-76, we couldn’t be more comfortable.  Too bad PH1 isn’t yours too.  Thank you for making place better than home!  As I’m sitting here on the balcony, I’ve noticed the lifeguard has just put up the last umbrella.  Time to hit the beach.”

The Realls WV, The Smyths MD, The Hardezers MD, The Willises MD

June 2007



 “Thank you so much for the use of your PH.  We so enjoyed your great view and facilities.” 


Nancy V.

March 17, 2007



 “Our family has been looking forward to coming to MB for 12 years (we came at that time to celebrate my aunts 50th anniversary) but could only stay the weekend and made a promise to return when we could stay at least a week.  We stayed in the other palms building then.  Our family is now bigger since our kids are now married and with families.  This PH fit our family’s need very well!  We all fell in love with this place.  Definitely will be returning!!  Thank you for sharing!” 


Keith & Linda H. IL;  Bret, Stephanie & Dustin IL;  Ashley & Jason H. IL; Aubrite H & Mike R. IL

June 16-23, 2007


 “Thank you for making our stay here @ the Palms Resort a memorable one.  The room was great & the staff was incredible.  We look forward to coming back & visiting again.  Your penthouse is beautiful & thanks again for letting us use it.” 


Frankie, Chrystal, Cathy, Tammy, Tommy, Amber, Taylor, Brenda, Tyler, Derick, Heather, Jason, Paul, & Kesha

The Wild Bunch from WV

June 30-July 7, 2007


 “Our family has been blessed to come to Myrtle Beach for the past 3 years – Thanks to Pawpaw!  We love the new décor, it suits the place!  We enjoy staying all together as a family, so thanks for the large penthouse.  We hope to see you again next year!” 


Danny, Lillie, Darren, Danita, Brandon, Tara, Brooke, Brett, Jeff & Shannon.

The Kentucky Crew

July 21-28, 2007 


 “What a wonderful vacation, the penthouse is very nice and we look forward to returning next year.  The weather was great, only one rainy day!  I think of nothing better   than the view ad sound of the ocean to go to sleep and wake up with.  Thanks again.” 


Keith & Margaret C; Courtney, Kevin, Stevan & Daniel

Manassas, VA

August 25-September 1, 2007


This stay was truly beautiful.  We had a great time.  We look forward to returning for a longer vacation.”


David & Lisa N.

September 2, 2007


 “Just a note to say that our stay here in penthouse #2 was great!  Now we can compare the two.  I think that I like #2 better!!  We are from central SC and needed a break.  We always have trouble finding something that compares with our house.  9 bed and 5 baths.  We have 6 children still in the home of 10 total.  PH#2 had plenty of room and we loved the master bedroom and bath!!”


The Resses and Hagoods

September 7, 2007. 


 (We would have loved to stay longer but have two 4-legged babies at home who we miss more than anything!).  Thank you for sharing your home with us!  It is our last day of vacation and we’ve enjoyed every day of it!  I can’t begin to tell you how beautiful the place is nor can I decide which is more beautiful.  The view that you see while you’re showering or the view you see while you’re cooking!  WOW!!!  We all fell in love with the master suite and bath!  Too bad because my sweetheart and I didn’t share it with anyone!  Although from time to time we let them sit with us on the balcony!  Luckily for us the rest of your hoe is so beautiful and comfortable they never put up a fight when we kicked them out!  So thanks again for making our vacation one to remember.”


Alisha, Kesha, Kriston, Chrissy & Joseph

April 12-17, 2007


October 15, 2007.  Sun, fun and family, what could be better?  My friends brought me here to your wonderful PH to help them celebrate their birthdays the master bed and bathroom ROCKS!  We couldn’t get her daughter out of the jetted master bathtub.  She has very sensitive skin and is unable to get into the outside hot tub so the master bath was perfect.  Thanks for sharing your home it was a very relaxing time.  We now have SO many wonderful memories of our vacation and that is PRICELESS!!  The penthouse has an elegant but down to earth feel.  We were all right at home the second we walked through the door.  Again, thanks so much for opening up your home to us.” 


Crystal A.

Fairmont NC’s Finest

October 12-17, 2007


 “We would have liked to stay longer but they said you were coming and we have to leave.  However, we enjoyed the stay that we had here so much we felt we certainly had no need to grieve.  We came to relax, get away from stressful tension and that relaxation we truly did enjoy and receive.  Would we like to return again someday to enjoy this hospitality?  Certainly and that you can believe!”


Howard & Barbara